Safe Installation

Assured Locksmith & Company sells and installs a huge selection of safes for your home or office. From large safes to wall and floor safes, you will find the exact right safe for you. Assured Locksmith & Company delivers and installs a huge selection of safes right to your door. Your valuables and important documents will be safely protected inside of the strongest safes available. Assured Locksmith & Safe Company are a professional team with a long track record of providing Long Islanders with the very best in safes and service.

Protect Your Valuables

Safes are the most effective way to protect your valuables such as cash, jewelry, precious metals, wills, deeds, contracts and collectibles. They can be installed beneath the floor or into a wall to remain hidden and out of site. Safes are a great investment in your most prized possessions so that they remain your prized possessions. Assured Locksmith & Safe Company carries a wide range of safes, including those made specifically to hold jewelry like the one above.

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