Automotive Locks

Your automobile is something you count on each day. Your vehicle locks and keys are an important factor in your vehicle’s reliability. If the locks are broken or the keys are worn down you can experience problems with efficiently using your vehicle. Automobile security is also important to consider because you may use your vehicle to keep important documents or valuables that need to be secure. Assured Locksmith provides solutions to these and many more issues when it comes to your automobile. Take action to equip yourself with strong, reliable locks and keys for your automobile.

Our Car Locksmith Services Include:
  • Keys locked in your car
  • Car key replacement
  • Lock cutting for cars
  • Wide selection of key blanks
  • Lost key solutions
  • Replacing car remote keys
  • Repairing auto lock
  • Broken lock rekeying
  • Repairing auto lock
  • Replacement of switchblade keys
  • Activation for chipped keys
  • Unlock car and trunk services
  • Making a spare car keys
  • Replacement for ignition keys
  • Programming of transponder keys
Transponder Keys

Transponder keys are auto-theft enabled keys which are computer programmed to ensure only those keys can start a particular car. When a car thief attempts to start your car without it, it does not start. Transponder keys are technologically capable of stopping car thieves with ease. Assured Locksmith are professionally trained to provide you with this technology and advanced security protection.

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